Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Date Day!

Every once in a while I am able to convince Jon that it is time for a good ole fashion date day. No "hanging out", no bars, just a day full of things he rolls his eyes at when he hears about them but secretly enjoyed after.

This Saturday was one of those days!

We woke up bright and early and headed to Williamsburg to start our day. Our first stop was Freedom Park where we I had decided we were going to Go Ape. Go Ape is a "treetop adventure"- similar to a ropes course - where you climb up, do obstacles through the trees, ride down on a zip line, and head right back up to the next tree. I had been to a Go Ape in Maryland and was so excited when I heard they had built one nearby! When I told Jon we had to wake up at 7AM on a Saturday to "Go Ape" and do obstacles in trees...he was a little less excited.

The nice thing about Go Ape is that, though you are supervised, you are able to go at your own pace and enjoy the experience without waiting on other groups. Jon and I were selected to go first out of our group and the course took us about an hour and a half to complete. In the end it was Jon saying "I wish there was more!" Needless to say, we absolutely loved it and are already talking about going again with more people soon!

The clearing is part of the final zip line

After going Ape!
After our ape adventure, we made a pit stop at the Williamsburg outlets and then headed to The Cheese Shop for a delicious lunch. If you haven't been to The Cheese Shop, you must go! It is a little piece of sandwich heaven in Colonial Willamsburg.

Seriously, it's delicious. And so is the house dressing. 

We had decided to end our day at the Williamsburg Winery. After hearing so many wonderful things, I was excited to check out the winery for myself. I was shocked at how large the winery was! We started off by doing a tasting and then made our way to the patio of the winery's restaurant to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

Pulling into the Williamsburg Winery
The restaurant was a perfect option because, unable to decide on a bottle wine we both loved, Jon and I were able to simply get a glass or two of the wine we each liked best (Merlot for him, a blend for me). I soaked in the last hour of our wonderful day with a glass of red wine and was so very happy Saturday turned out to be a successful date day!

Enjoying the patio before heading back to Richmond!

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