Sunday, November 21, 2010

Real World? No Thanks

Like many, I was not ready for what the real world had in store. I spent every minute, of my last few weeks in Blacksburg, trying to determine what I could possibly do to stay one more year.

I was not a Hokie from birth. In fact, my favorite outfit growing up was a Virginia cheerleading uniform. However, after countless days of "college shopping" with my parents, we arrived in Blacksburg.  After taking my first few steps on the campus, I knew everything about this school "felt right." Had someone told me then how much one gut feeling and an instition could affect my life, I would not have beleived them. The sheer happiness, pride, loyalty, resilience and sense of community I felt in Blacksburg are something I would never take for granted.

While I credit Virginia Tech as a whole for my wonderful college experience, it would not have been nearly as incredible without the people I met along the way. Somehow I was fortunate enough to find a group of people that always stuck it out for the good and the bad.

My 21st Birthday in Las Vegas with the Girls

Sig Ep
Brandy, Gina, Me and Sarah
Within my first months in the real world, it was hard to adjust to a setting where the majority of your friends were not a five minute walk away. Luckily, I have once again hit the jackpot making some incredible friends (new and old) in Richmond.

Speaking of incredible friends, most of you who know me also know my best friend Concetta. She is my stronger and funnier other half. For a majority of younger years I was sure she and I would make the perfect enemies, that is until we locked ourselves in my den at 10 years old and promised to "never fight again" (pretty mature for ten!). Ever since our Lockwood-Wilson Peace Summit, we have been pretty unstoppable.

Concetta and I

After seeing Concetta's blog, I decided I would write this to not only keep all of my friends updated, but also as a creative outlet after long days at work.

While I would probably still give an arm or leg to go back to Virginia Tech (with all my friends), I am also learning to appreciate being a "real person." There has been no shortage of trials and tribulations, however, I belive I am finally ready for the challenge.