Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One more brief commercial break before I relive our wonderful vacation.

BIG NEWS. I have declared myself a hesi-tarian. A what? Basically I am a wanna be vegetarian with a little hesitation....get it.... a hesi-tarian.

It all started one fateful night around the age of eight. Concetta and I were having dinner with Dad at Bill's Barbecue in Hampton. One of us made the mistake of asking what part of the body a hot dog came from, Dad told us about his time visiting a meat processing plant, and Concetta and I never, ever picked up a hot dog again.

Recently, I have become more and more intrigued by the vegetarian lifestyle. A little girl who gave up hot dogs and corn dogs cold turkey can give up anything right? 

Well, sort of. I realized I loved my grandpa's cooking and the occasional crab cake or Subway turkey sandwich too much to give up meat all together. Instead, I have decided to eat completely vegetarian five days a week. That means breakfast, lunch and dinner will have absolutely no meat for whichever five days of the week I choose.

I have been doing this for about a month and a half now (with the exception of a few missed days on our trip) and it has been surprisingly easy!

You can make just about everything with meatless options! I have been making all sorts of things like eggplant parmesan, veggie burgers, veggie meat (similar to veggie burgers) tacos and more!

So far I am loving the change but it is nice to have the option to eat a meat dish too - especially since I am headed home for part of this weekend. Being back on the bay means good seafood is not hard to find, especially when Papa and Nama are back in town. Guess I better choose my two days wisely this week!

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